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5 Top tips for booking Disneyland Paris during coronavirus

If you’re booking a Disneyland Paris Holiday right now and are trying to avoid as many people as possible, here’s what you need to know.

Even more so, visiting the most magical place on earth comes with a lot of thoughts, questions, and concerns. The safest thing to do is stay home during the ongoing pandemic. But, the reality is people are traveling.

Allow me to say that planning a trip to Euro Disney is not what it once was. It’s so much more than booking FastPasses, Making dining reservations,  Rope dropping, and crafting the best strategy so you can ride as many attractions as possible before the lines get too long.

We’ve basically had to hit the reset button and start from scratch when planning a euro disney visit. But, one of the main concerns you may have is figuring out the best time to visit euro disney so you can avoid crowds.

Yes, the Disney land parks have limited capacity and can even feel somewhat empty compared to what guests are used to. But, there are also moments when the parks are busy and can become congested with bigger groups. It really all just depends on several factors.

Plus, it looks like people are becoming more comfortable with traveling and visiting the parks compared to when Eurodisney first reopened. Now more than ever, that initial empty park feeling has seemed to vanish.

There isn’t an exact answer of when the best time to visit is or if crowds will appear on certain days. But, there are a few things you can do when booking a Disney World Holiday that might help you avoid the crowds as much as possible.

None of the following are guarantees or means you won’t hit the parks on a so-called busy day. But these tips might benefit you in the long run during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Check The Availability Calendar

The Disney Park Pass Availability Calendar is online for anyone to check.

If you’re unaware, you need to book a theme park reservation (and also have valid theme park admission) in order to access any of the 2 EuroDisney theme parks right now.

There are three different catagories of inventory for park reservations:

  • Theme Park Ticket Guests (those with only park tickets)
  • Disney Resort Guests (those with valid theme park admission and a hotel reservation)
  • Annual Passholders (those with only Annual Passes)

For each catagory, the calendar allows you to click on a date and see which parks are available for that specific day. The availability is colour-coded:

Green: All parks available

Yellow: Some parks available

Gray: No parks available

Before booking Disneyland tickets and/or a hotel, check the availability calendar to make sure the dates you’re looking at have park availability.

Better yet, the calendar also allows you to see which days might be busier than others. I recommend checking each catagorty to see if your dates are green, yellow, gray, or a mix.

Now, this can change, especially if you plan well in advance, but the Disneyland Paris availability calendar is a great tool so you can keep track of what potential crowds may look like during your trip. Depending on availability, you can always change or cancel a park reservation too. And remember: you can only make a reservation for one park per day.

2. Think About Weekdays vs. Weekends

From what we’ve seen so far, weekdays are much less crowded compared to weekends. This is definitely something to keep in mind.

In my opinion, you may want to visit EuroDisney parks Monday through Thursday. Fridays aren’t as busy as Saturdays and Sundays, but the crowd level does tend to pick up a bit towards the end of the week.

I can’t say for certain if weekdays will always remain less busy than weekends, but right now that very much seems to be the case. It makes sense for weekends to be busier, because that’s when most people have off work.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, weekends were always typically busier than weekdays and that trend seems to be continuing.

3. Time Of Year Matters

This varies now because there is an ongoing pandemic and not as many people are traveling like they used to.

People usually travel or visit Euro Disney during holidays because they have time off, but if you don’t want to even risk a chance of being around a lot of people, you should probably schedule a trip for another time.

You should also keep in mind that holiday celebrations, like Halloween and Christmas time, tend to be busier. Allow me to note that with park capacity put in place holidays should be nowhere near as busy as they usually are – or fingers crossed they aren’t.

Seasonal park celebrations are limited so we only have a small amount of time to enjoy the offerings. Plus, when new cavalcades, treats, and decorations first debut, people want to experience them immediately. The time of year you visit is a huge factor when booking a trip and when selecting a park to visit.

And remember: even if there are bigger crowds than we’re used to right now, it’s up to us to try to maintain a safe distance from others and follow covid guidlines Disney has implemented.

4. Consider Your Park Choice

When making a park reservation via the Disney Park Pass System, keep in mind that sometimes certain parks are busier than others.

Let me say that compared to the pre-pandemic, the parks definitely have less people and it’s noticeable. Plus, wait times are much lower. That said, more and more people appear to be visiting the parks compared to when WDW first reopened.

5. Hotel Selection Is Key

Not all of the Disney land paris hotels have reopened yet, but there are still plenty to choose from.

When booking a Euro Disney trip, you definitely want to think about which hotel will be best for you and choosing hotels near Disneyland Paris.

First of all, guests are spending more time at their hotels due to shortened Euro Disney park hours. You want to make sure you’re at a hotel that offers dining, activities, pools, and more that will keep you content and entertained during your stay.

Secondly, it may be best for you to choose a hotel that offers more perks and is a bit more expensive. A value or moderate resort could be busier if guests are trying to save money.

Finally, you may also want to consider choosing a hotel that is hotels near Disneyland Paris theme parks. Not only is this a major perk, but you can then also avoid being stuck with other guests on transportation.

If you have the option of walking and the parks are just too busy for your liking, you can quickly escape without having to wait for a bus when your hotels near disneyland paris.

These are the hotels that are near Disneyland paris:

Disneysland Paris – Newport bay club

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe

Hipark by Adagio Serris – Val d’Europe

And that’s that! Hopefully some of my suggestions help you out in the long run. Again, they aren’t foolproof, but definitely something to keep in mind when booking a Walt Disney World Holiday right now.

Disneyland Paris opening times during corona virus.

The opening times for Eurodisney Paris are subject to change at any time. Disneyland Paris is open every day of the year. However, opening times vary according to season and the Parks may stay open late for special seasonal events. For real-time information visit the Disney interactive park calendar. Please check any update before your visit.

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