Do you want to do something but cannot do it?

Are you wanting to achieve something but facing hurdles?

Are you trying to build a habit but failing every time?

All of these are happening because of a lack of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is one of the most important things in life to achieve something. Discipline plays a huge role in making your life fulfilling. When you don’t feel like doing, when nothing is going right, when you are uncomfortable to take the right action-those are the times when you need the self-discipline to help you to move further.

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What is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is putting off your current comfort or desires for long-term success. For example; if you want a healthy body you have to stop eating junk food. Self-discipline means you take control of your immediate wishes for long-term goals.

How to Build Self-Discipline?

By taking some steps, one can build self-discipline.

Read our 8 effective yet simple ways to build self deiscipline!

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Remove temptations

Our environment affects us the most. If we keep trying to remove our temptations, it works. First, get rid of all the tempting stuff from your eyesight. You know the phrase- “Out of sight, out of mind” try that.

Remove the temptation of eating junk food for the sake of your healthy body. Remove the temptation of binge-watching your favorite shows for the sake of your work. You know which is necessary to be disciplined in life.

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Don’t wait for the right moment

Start now! Anything you want to do just starts doing without thinking much, tomorrow or next week usually never happens. If you are waiting for the right moment probably, you never find that moment, because no perfect moment exists there will always be issues or problems consuming your thoughts, time and energy. Take the moment and make it perfect. Time is precious, use it carefully, and use it in a disciplined way.

Create specific goals

While setting goals it must be very specific. Making vague or extreme goals does not work.

Make specific goals. Break that goal into Mini goals. For those mini-goals, create a day-to-day action plan. Start working according to the plan. Achieving little goals every day is a sign of self-discipline.

You can use the SMART goal setting technique to set your goals.

  • S- Specific
  • M-Measurable
  • A-Attainable
  • R-Realistic
  • T-Time bound

Visualize your goals

Do you want to buy that fancy car?

Do you want that degree?

Think that you already have achieved it. Visualizing your goal is very important.

Every day make time to visualize your future goal. Make a vision board in front of your workplace. Visualizing your goals gives that enthusiasm to get up from the bed and start working. By constant visualization, you start seeing the possibilities, you start believing in the process and becoming the one.

Create action plans

Self-discipline comes from taking the right actions at the right moment. You have your goals ready, now is the time for making concrete action plans. Break your long-term goal into smaller ones. Start small. Track every progress you are making. Identify in which areas you need improvement. Self monitors every action. If you are facing failure at some point in time, don’t be sad. Learn from your mistakes and start again.

Take frequent breaks

Taking breaks is very important for refreshments. We are not robots. Our human brain needs rest to perform better. You can use the POMODORO technique to work better.

Wondering what is a POMODORO technique? This technique means doing tasks for a short time period. Like you work for 30mins at a stretch and then take 5 minutes of break. There is a book on this topic; you can read that to understand the whole concept. Research shows that using this technique you can work more constructively.

Make health a priority

Your greatest wealth is your health, Right? If you are not healthy physically and mentally, how can you work to your fullest potential?

Eating nutritious food, exercising daily, practicing mindfulness, journaling – these four things are ultimately important for a healthy mind and body. You don’t have to go to the gym and use heavy tools to make biceps; doing yoga, walking, or doing some freehand is enough to create your healthy body. Meditating for at least 10mins a day gives you a sense of mental peace and clarity of thought. You will be more focused.

Reward yourself

This is a much-underrated thing. We usually reward others for their success, for their achievements but we do not do the same for ourselves.

Start doing that. Celebrate your every little win. Reward yourself for those little achievements.

The feeling of self-rewarding is so beautiful. By doing this self-confidence increases like magic!


Self-discipline gives you the power to stick with your goals. It makes you feel worthy and your self-esteem touches the pick point. If you are disciplined, no one can break the self-confidence that you have gained. Your satisfaction with being disciplined and confident leads you to be the best version of yourself.

So many researches show that without self-discipline no one can achieve their desired success.

Therefore, build your self-discipline. Try the above-mentioned points and be successful. Thats simple, start 5 minutes ago.

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