Does it make fun with golf? Here you will find everything you need to know to get started, either for the first time or as a return, like a child or an adult.

Contact a golf club and they will assist you. You will also find more information if you continue reading on this page. Important to know is that it is up to the golf club how exactly their beginner’s education looks. So choose one where you like the layout and your coach.

Best tip before you start: You may need as Electric golf buggy for a smooth game. It can make your game easy.

9 good things to know about the game

1. The golf course

A track usually consists of 18 holes of different lengths: pair 3, shortest, par 4 medium and longest pair 5. On each hole there is a tee called tee. From there you start playing along a clipped surface (fairway) against a flag which is on a green grassy area. Along the hole there are barriers like sandy bunkers and water hazards that you play over or around.

2. The game

Golf is about to move from tee to green and put the ball into holes in as few strokes as possible. Pair 4 means that the goal of a van player is to complete the four-stroke hole – rash, transport stroke and two punches. Depending on the game level, extra teams are called handicaps. When you start with handicap 54, you must complete a pair of 4-hole holes in seven strokes. An 18-hole round takes about four hours to play and 9 holes half as long.

3. The battle

To get to the green and past all obstacles you use different kinds of clubs that make the ball fly differently high and far. Examples of clubs are drivers that you use to wear from the tee, fairway clubs used for long transport teams, iron clubs that you play against the green and finally the cushion as you lower the ball into the hole.

4. The equipment

If you are new to the golf, it will be enough with 6-7 clubs. Often you can borrow and test clubs at the golf club. You also need balls, back, green layers, pegs to knock the ball off on tee, sneakers and maybe a glove for better grip on the club. When you get a bit better you can fill up with more clubs, and golf shoes that are adapted to a good grip on the ground.

5. Game Shapes

There are many fun game modes, individually and in layers. Some of the most common are scoreboard, punch and match. In scoreboard you get points on each hole and the one with the highest score wins. 
In bets, each bet is counted and the minimum number of bets wins. In match games you compete against an opponent and the one who wins the most holes in total takes home the match.

6. Development

Golfers at completely different levels and at different ages can meet and play on equal terms, as our 
differences are equalized in the golf’s precarious disability system. It is also a way to measure your own development because you start with disability 54 and lower you as you get better. It’s never too late to start playing and you’re developing your whole life.

7. Social

Many have discovered the excitement with Australia’s largest broadcasting. There are Thousands of golf clubs with around with plenty of members. Golf is a way to socialize with friends, family or members of the home club. Golfers who like to travel can visit different clubs around the country – or abroad – and meet new people with the same interest.

8. Health

Moving around is good for the body and the button and during a round of golf you go about 10,000 steps. It is also fun to play together. 

9. Nature experience

The golf course often forms a green oasis where people and nature meet. To play golf while enjoying nature is a perfect combination. On the course there is a varied flora and biodiversity with seedlings and birds that enjoy the dams. Welcome to the world’s most beautiful sports arena!

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